Portly Eats | Aromi | Cambridge, UK


Aromi in Cambridge always has a queue out of the door whenever I have walked past.  Finally I braved the line and got myself some fabulous pizza. I’ll be honest my pizza is normally delivered to my house by a guy on a scooter, that is when they can find my house but that’s another story.

Aromi is a Sicilian cafe perched on the corner of Bene’t Street in Cambridge. It specialises in bringing a little slice (see what I did there slice… pizza… no… ok…) of the Mediterranean to the city with its house made pizzas, they are honestly the best thing this side of the Alps.

I ordered a roasted pepper pizza with a Balsamic bread rose which were both to die for!  The thin crust is super crispy and has bags of flavour, the dough is rested for 48 hours, time really does equal flavour.  I’ve never been sure of pizza etiquette but I ate mine with a knife and fork.  The main purpose… to make it last as long as possible, I wanted to enjoy every mouthful.  The crispy base, the tomato sauce, the prosciutto, the roasted peppers and the deliciously melted cheese, all washed down with sparkling limonata. Everything is cooked to order and is also dead quick so, if you are pressed for time grab some to go!

I really cannot stress how good Aromi is with just words; you have to go try it! Everything is wonderful, the staff are fantastic and very helpful and the food is first class, why can’t all pizza be this good?


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