Hake with Steamed Samphire and Sweet Potato

Hake with Steamed Samphire and Sweet Potato

Hake is a fish I’ve never really taken much interest in. It always looks stunning, with its mottled silver skin and rather prehistoric looking head. It’s another one of those fish you see chefs like Rick Stein cooking, and you think “mmm that looks good,” but never actually get around to making whatever it was that was being cooked.

Hake had always been headlined to me as a lot like Cod, and unfortunately for Cod I’m not its biggest fan.  However, Hake as it turns out has a lot more flavour and has a slightly more delicate texture which makes it mouth-wateringly delicious.

Seeing as I was trying the fish for the first time I didn’t want to ruin it with any sauces and wanted to give it the best chance to impress me.  I have been told though, that it can stand up very well to a tomato sauce, and is also very popular in the med especially around Spain, where it is cooked a la plancha.

This is exactly what I attempted to do by getting my pan screaming hot, so that it was smoking before the fish went anywhere near the pan! So for my simple fish supper you’ll need:

  • 2x Fillets Hake
  • 1 large sweet potato
  • A handful of samphire

This is a super simple supper as you can see from the ingredients list above!  Start off by peeling your sweet potato, cut it into wedges and part boil it.  Drain the potato, but keep them in the same pan add a drizzle of oil and some seasoning and give them a quick stir. I find that this begins to give the wedges a crispier texture and it means you don’t have to heat a ton of oil in the oven before adding the potato, and risk burning yourself with hot oil.

Once the wedges are virtually done and ready to go, start to steam your Samphire. Whilst that is cooking heat your pan until it begins to smoke, score the back of the fish and cook in the pan skin side down for around 4 minutes before turning it over to finish the top of the fish.  All thats left then is to plate up and pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!


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