Portly Eats | Pizza at Othersyde | Cambridge, UK

When lockdown eased and we all came out of our houses blinking in the sunlight, the first thing on most people’s minds was… Where can we go to eat!?  Where better to go in a socially distanced new normal than a bar that’s outside, you can book your own table and all orders are taken on an app?

Othersyde is the place for all of that, not only is the setting lovely, right next to the museum of Technology in Cambridge but the food is spot on too with made to order pizza cooked on a wood fired oven right before your eyes (if you book the right table).

We ordered the Margherita because there is something about a piping hot Margherita Pizza that just ticks all the right buttons. We were not disappointed the dough was perfect with just the right amount of topping so you didn’t drown in a sea of pizza sauce but enough so it wasn’t just bread… if that makes any sense at all.

Everything is ordered via an app that you can download once you get to Othersyde and use their free Wi-Fi to do so. Once your order is placed, all you need to do is sit in ever increasing anticipation of some tasty pizza being delivered to you in a few minutes time.

Othersyde is located at The Engineers House, Riverside, Cambridge. Go have a look, have a beer and a pizza in the sunshine.


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