Portly Cooks |Harissa Spiced Beef and Wild Mushrooms on Hummus

Harissa Beef and Hummus

Thinly cut strips of beef, slightly spicy harissa and smooth creamy hummus what’s not to like?  This one also works really well with any leftover beef you may have from your Sunday roast or even with no beef at all and a mix of more mushrooms and vegetables, use what you have.

Serves 2

  • 200g thinly sliced Beef Steak (I used skirt)
  • 2 tsp Harissa Paste
  • 100g Mushrooms
  • 2 tbsp Hummus
  • 2 Tortilla Wraps
  • Rocket (for garnish)

Heat a large pan with some oil then fry the beef with the mushrooms until the beef is crispy. Add the harissa paste and stir fry for about a minute making sure that the meat is nicely coated.

Leave the meat and mushrooms to rest in the pan, while that is resting construct the rest of the dish, lay the tortilla on plates and smother with the hummus. Spoon the beef and mushrooms over the tortillas and top with the rocket.


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