Portly Cooks | Vietnamese Style Stuffed Squid

Vietnamese Style Squid

These little fellas look more complicated than they really are. You can buy the baby squids cleaned from your fishmonger or supermarket.  Everything else is super simple.

  • 6 Baby Squid (Cleaned)
  • 3 Pork Sausages
  • 6 Cocktail Sticks

So start off by taking the skins off the sausages and dividing the resulting sausage meat into 6 equal portions.  Stuff the sausage meat into the squid tube and the using the cocktail stick, secure the tentacles to the end of the tube.

Bring some water to the boil in a saucepan and stick a steamer on top.  Put the stuffed squid into the steamer and steam them for 10 minutes.  Once steamed, heat some oil in a small pan and fry the squids until golden on all sides.  Serve the squid with some oyster sauce to dip.


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