Portly Eats | Big Feast For Two | Millworks, Cambridge, UK

A few weeks ago a bunch of friends and I headed to The Millworks.  It’s a lovely little place tucked away down by the millpond in Cambridge. The menu is wide ranging and has some decent options away from meat including; sea bream, cod and spiced aubergine.

Millworks 1

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, with the old wheel from the mill turning gently in the middle of the restaurant.  Millworks has a button call service (like its sister restaurant smokeworks) which I have to say I love! The call button for me is fab; it allows you to ask for things when you need it and allows your servers to make sure all of their customers are ok, without having to come over and ask every 5 minutes.

We were there however for one thing and one thing only. The Millworks ‘Big Feast For Two’ it comes with a mouth-watering selection of delicious food straight from the grill and also, if you’re anything like me it saves you getting mad food envy when you see what everyone else has ordered!

Millworks 2

The ‘Big Feast For Two’ comes with; A whole rack of BBQ ribs (with meat falling off the bone!),  a 7oz flat iron steak (perfectly cooked and pink in the middle), Grilled Asian spiced pork belly, super crispy wings, fries, pickles, salad, rainbow slaw, and 3 sauces for the dipping of things!!

Honestly it was amazing, everything was wonderfully cooked and least be honest for £42 for two people to share you get to have a feast for the price of a steak!  You must go and try it, it’s epic value for money and you will be so full too!

Millworks is located at The Watermill, Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EY.


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