Portly Eats | Fish and Chips | Loch Fyne, Cambridge, UK

fish n chips loch fyne

The other week I finally stepped through the doors of Loch Fyne in Cambridge.  It sits on Trumpington Street in town just opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum, I’ve walked by it countless times but never actually eaten there.

After being shown to our table and brought water (every table should have water always and it should be free, which this was) we were left for a while to peruse the menu.  All of the options sounded fabulous, one that peaked my interest was the scallops and haggis, an idea I ‘borrowed’ and have cooked for myself.

I knew I wanted only one thing, Fish and Chips. I had been thinking about them all day and had that craving that only would be taken away once the delicious dish was placed in front of me.

The fish was perfectly cooked and the batter golden and crunchy, not at all greasy and paired with equally crispy chips.  Along with the main event the fish came with mushy peas and a rather nice tartar sauce.

The service was fabulous and we were left to enjoy our evening, eventually becoming the last people in the restaurant before we left. On the evening we went, Loch Fyne had 50% main courses for January.  I would definitely return and pay the full price for my fish and chip supper.


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