Portly Cooks | Arrosticini

Arrosticini 2018

Since I first tried them in Abruzzo, Italy I have been trying desperately to make a decent replica of Arrosticini.  I finally think I’ve cracked it. Although I used Lamb leg and not shoulder.

  • 2 Lamb Leg Steaks
  • 8 Skewers
  • Salt

Chop the lamb into bite sized chunks and put on to the skewers, I found three chunks on each worked well.  For cooking I used my George Forman grill, but you can use a griddle pan or if you make these in the summer, the BBQ is the best thing for them.

Cook the skewers until they begin to turn golden and get some lovely little caramelised buts on the edges.  Season and serve!


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