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Smoked Paprika Homemade Crisps

So tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve, you’re going to need some snack food. if you have time to potter about in the kitchen tomorrow morning why not make your own crisps for your guests to crunch on after a few drinks?

They work out fairly cheaply too considering I picked up a 2kg bag of potatoes for 29p the other day. Not I’m not saying you should shun all commercial crisps but they’re quite fun to make and you can wow your guests by saying oh yeah I made the crisps too!

  • 2 medium sized Potatoes
  • Oil for frying
  • Seasoning

You can leave the skins on or take them off, that depends on your preference, I peeled mine.  Now using a mandoline or the side of a box grater with the big smile shaped holes, slice the spuds, please mind your fingers!

Dry the slices on some kitchen towel and the in either a deep fryer or in a shallow pan filled with about 2cm of oil, fry the potato until golden.  Once you’re done them all, sprinkle with salt and whatever you fancy, I used smoked paprika.


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