Portly Eats | Vietnamese Food | Hanoi Rice Hat Pop Up, Carlton Arms, Cambridge, UK


If you love Vietnamese food you MUST try this! I went to Hanoi Rice Hat’s pop up at the Carlton Arms, a week ago.  I am still thinking about the amazing food!  Anyway down let’s get down to it.

At the bar we found the menu, one for platters and sides and one for the main event the Pho!  So having a quick chat and debating whether to order the entire thing we settled on Beef Pho, the Chicken and Pork Platters and some Spring Rolls.

HRH Chicken Platter

You order at the bar and then find yourself a table. So once seated we eagerly awaited the arrival of our food. First to arrive (because we were awkward and split our order into starter and main) were the platters and spring rolls.

HRH Pork Platter

I had the chicken first, which was to die for, perfectly seasoned and full of flavour. Each platter comes with rice noodles and a pickled salad of carrot and radish.  All accompanied with a perfectly balanced Nuoc Cham sauce, something I have been known to essentially drink in restaurants and have never been able to get right myself. The Pork skewers were equally amazing and after tucking into them in drowned my noodles in the Nuoc Cham and devoured those too.

HRH Spring Rolls

Now for the main event, the reason we came; the Pho.  In a word… EPIC. Everything was perfect from the first to the last bite, I must be honest I didn’t add anything to my Pho aside from a little squeeze of the lemon.  I wanted it unadulterated; it was amazing the beef was lovely and the noodles perfect. The broth, I don’t how long it took to cook that down to get the perfect balanced of flavours but once I had drained every last drop from the bowl, I was a very happy camper indeed.

If you love freshly prepared, real Vietnamese food you have to get yourself down to the Carlton Arms on a Monday, and get yourself subscribed to the Hanoi Rice Hat Facebook group for news and updates, some exciting things could be happening soon!

The Hanoi Rice Hat is Located at the Carlton Arms, Cambridge on a Monday. Stay up to date on Facebook. 2 Beef Pho, the Pork and Chicken Platters and the Spring Rolls came to £38 for 2 people, so its dirt cheap and freaking awesome at the same time!


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  1. This looks and sounds amazing. Hope to go to the next Hanoi Rice Hat pop up soon. Following on Facebook!

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