Portly Eats | Honey Fried Chicken | Electric Cinema, London, UK

Electric Honey Fried Chicken

I ventured down to London a few days ago and went to the Museum of Brands, it’s well worth a look around if you’re down that way. After snooping around the museum and getting all nostalgic, we headed to Notting Hill and the Electric Cinema Diner for some well-deserved lunch.

As we walked in the restaurant was heaving with people, which is always a sign of a good place. We were slightly early for our reservation and so had a drink at the bar.  After a little bit, we were taken to our table and handed menus to see what we’d like to stuff in our faces.

I settled on something that sounded ever so slightly different although not that much.  I went for the Honey Fried Chicken, mainly because who doesn’t love fried chicken and also because I was curious as to how it would be served. Would it come with honey to pour over it, as is the style across the pond with fried chicken and waffles or would it have a glaze on.

I was brought some butter for my chicken before it arrived, and so I thought it would be like the Americans have it. Thankfully I was wrong and the chicken came glistening in a Korean Style BBQ glaze, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Next to the chicken was an excellent touch, warm towels, you know like you get on airlines?  To make the removal of sticky sauces from grubby fingers that little bit easier.

The chicken was perfect, and smothered in the sauce a definite candidate for the don’t look at me list. I had fries with my chicken, they came with mayo to dip! Didn’t even have to ask for sauce!  Electric Cinema Diner is located at 191 Portobello Road, London.  My chicken and fries came to £23, £17 for the chicken and £5 for the fries. If you’re heading to London do pop in and get some brunch, you won’t be disappointed!




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