Portly Eats | Beef Rib | The Grain and Hop Store, Cambridge

grain and hop store

A few weeks back I ventured to The Grain and Hop Store for dinner and couple of beers.  The Grain and Hop Store has a wide range of craft beers and regular beers on tap for you to work your way through at your leisure.

Unfortunately that evening I was driving, so I was relegated to the realm of coke and non-alcoholic beers. My food option however, did make the evening worthwhile.  I had chosen the Beef Rib, which I think was the best choice, from the sheer looks of food envy from my dining companions.

The Beef Rib was slow cooked and fell, literally from the bone. It came with house fries which is a combination of regular fries and sweet potato fries.  The rib itself was also smothered in rich BBQ sauce which served dual purpose for me as a dip for the fries.

I enjoyed my beef rib and to be fair would order it again. The Grain and Hop Store is located at Regent Terrace, Cambridge. If you are looking for some affordable fodder before your evening libations, you can’t go wrong with heading to The Grain and Hop Store to sate not only your hunger but your thirst too.


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