Portly Eats | Flammekueche | Amelie Flammekueche, Cambridge, UK


The other week I went to the rather fabulous new food offering in the Grafton Centre, Amelie Flammekueche. This French Fire bread or as I explained it to my friends Alsatian Pizza, (before having to explain its from Alsace and not made from dogs) is fabulous.

It is extremely thin dough much like pizza that is then lovingly covered with crème fraiche and topped with which ever topping you’ve decided to go for.

I went for the Smokey Pig which comes with a generous helping of pork belly and smoked bacon on top along with, tomatoes, courgettes and chilli.

Not only was everything expertly cooked, the Flammekueche was crisp and light to the last bite (that rhymes).  As well as being very reasonably priced not only for Cambridge but for somewhere that uses only the freshest ingredients.

Amelie Flammekueche is located in the Grafton Centre opposite Vue cinema. Make sure you pop in for lunch or dinner one day, the food is top and the staff are knowledgable and friendly too!


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  1. I love their flammekueches. Need to try them all!

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