Portly Eats | Sushi Mania | Cambridge, UK



It’s been in town a while and I have finally managed to get into Sushi Mania and stuff my face with as much sushi as I could fit into it.  Sushi Mania is just next to the bus station in Cambridge, so nice and easy to find.

Once sat down we were told how the menu works. You can order 6 items per page.  However, if you want say 12 tuna rolls (the ones we had came in sixes) you write 2 in the quantity section and it still counts as one item!!


We did go a little bit crazy on our first order as we hadn’t eaten anything all day in anticipation of stuffing our faces that evening.  Our first order consisted of Tuna Rolls, Katsu Rolls, Chicken Skewers, Gyoza, and some Tempura Vegetables.

We worked our way diligently through the first wave, fully confident that there would be a round 2 and even a round 3. By the time it came for round 2 we were ordering strategically, but still ended up having a mountain of food delivered to our table. Most notably some of the biggest California Rolls (don’t judge me) I have ever seen.

The portion sizes in Sushi Mania are massive!! I love that! Normally with all you can eat places the food is subpar and miniscule, the stuff in Sushi Mania is brilliant!

So if you and your friends are in need of a chance to fill your faces with some Sushi look no further than Sushi Mania, Cambridge.


Sushi Mania is located at 9 Christ’s Lane, Cambridge – The Buffet Menu is £16.80

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