Portly Eats | Parker’s Tavern | Cambridge, UK

Suckling Pig PT

There’s a new restaurant in town and it’s in the newly refurbished University Arms Hotel.  Parker’s Tavern is offering fabulous food with wonderful views of Parkers Piece.  I went along during their soft opening to see what it was all about.

Once greeted and shown to our table we were given water and menus. The menu offers a wide range, catering for most people’s taste.  The restaurant itself is very pretty indeed and the décor adds to the dining experience.

I had the Suckling Pig for main course, it was excellent! The pork was tender and the crackling crispy and perfectly seasoned. It came with braised fennel that was so amazingly tasty I went to the shop the next day and tried to replicate it at home… no luck, mine wasn’t as good.

Time for pudding and to be honest the reason I’ll be heading back to Parker’s Tavern. We were given our menus and told that the yellow one is a make your own Sundae option.  After enquiring how many toppings we were allowed to have… (you can all of them if you like). I made my decision Sundae it had to be! Feeling like a kid in a sweet shop I ticked what I’d like.

Sundae PT

You can have 2 scoops of ice cream for £6 or 3 for £8 I went for 2 scoops (chocolate and pistachio) with chocolate flake, meringue and honeycomb, topped off with whipped cream and chocolate fudge sauce.

I’d recommend Parkers Tavern for people looking for somewhere nice to eat for a celebration. The menu is well balanced and fairly reasonably priced. Make sure you head in and have a top notch meal.


Parkers Tavern is located at 42-52 Regent’s Street, Cambridge.

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