Portly Eats | Fish ‘n’ Chips | Castaways, Hunstanton, UK

Castaways Fish n Chips

Hidden away underneath the pier in Hunstanton is Castaways. It is a fabulous little fish and chip shop serving generous helpings of the traditional seaside fare to hungry beachgoers.  I had the cod and chips and was handed a giant portion of perfectly cooked crispy chips topped with a generous portion of Cod (boneless and skinless) with crispy batter.

Not much to say the fish and chips were wonderful and the staff very friendly!  If you’re in Hunstanton venture down to the front and grab yourself some for lunch!  Castaways has a sit down restaurant too if you fancy but, who doesn’t want to sit on the sea front with wooden fork in hand and dive in to this seaside treat.


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