Portly Drinks | Aperini


Who doesn’t love a spritz in the summer? Aldi have got their own version of the classic Aperol called Aperini. It’s a game changer!  I love an Aperol Spritz and now you can have that same bitter citrus drink for a fraction of the price.

Aperol as I write this is around £15 in most supermarkets. The Aldi Aperini is £6.99 seriously what  isn’t to like!? I’m not sure I’d be able to tell the difference if I had them side by side either. Their Prosecco is only £5.99 too so you can get all you need for you and your friends to have some spritz for the same price as a bottle of Aperol.

So if you are entertaining in the near future go grab this money saving spritz, chuck it all in a big jug and nobody will ever know! Except you of course.


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