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Lavazza A Modo Mio

I think most of the time I am 90% coffee. It all starts with my morning espresso and then the giant flask of super strong coffee I take with me for the day… before my flask I was spending around £15 a day on coffee…

For my espresso in the morning I use my Lavazza espresso maker I use the Passionale capsules for that for initial hit of caffeine to get my day going and then for my flask I use the Caffe Espresso ground coffee made in a stove top coffee maker and topped up in the flask with hot water. Lavazza say the coffee is ‘an intense and harmoniously flavoured espresso that cannot help but boast of its slightly caramelised flavour and hints of chocolate.’

I know everyone has their coffee that they drink but these are the ones I like and drink on a daily basis, if a little too much sometimes.



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