Portly Eats | The One Bull | Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

The One Bull 1

Last week I was taken to The One Bull in Bury St Edmunds. Before I go on, please take the time to go and eat there, the food was fantastic and they serve some epic beer from the Brewshed people too!

We started our meal with a drink at the bar, before being shown to our table and given our menus. Point here… there was already sparkling and still water on the table!!!!! HUGE tick right there, I maintain you should not have to pay for nor ask for water at a restaurant just have it on the table already, so thank you to The One Bull for that simple act.

Now, down to the main event the food!  I have to say it was a tough choice I could have quite happily ordered the entire menu. There was Pigeon for both starter and main… which lead to a debate about whether I could go Pigeon and Pigeon.

I went for the Pigeon Starter in the end and fabulously presented dish, so pretty I was loathed to eat it. The Pigeon was cooked perfectly I mean just look at it what is not to like!?

The One Bull 2

For the main course I couldn’t decide between three dishes, Pork Plate, the Lamb dish of Pigeon Wellington. Incidentally all three were chosen on our table. In the end I chose the Pork Plate, a triumph of piggy goodness.  Perfectly cooked Pork Belly in a crispy jacket and wonderfully tender Pork Ribeye served with Tenderstem (one of my favourites a close second to Asparagus) wild garlic pesto and one hell of a jus.

The One Bull 3

Finally the time came for pudding, after the feast I had just shoved in my face there was only one thing left to top it off and that…. was Sticky Toffee Pudding.  On the menu it comes with custard but The One Bull very kindly subbed that for Honeycomb Ice Cream. It was the perfect end to a fab dinner.


The One Bull is in Bury St Edmunds at 25 Angel Hill

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