Portly Drinks | Adnams | Adnams Brewery, Southwold, UK

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The other week I was taken on a magical mystery tour across the Suffolk countryside to the sideside town of Southwold, home of the Adnams Brewery.  I have to say from the off that this tour was one of the best I have ever been on and our guide was unbelievably knowledgeable and in my opinion has one of the best jobs in the country.

Adnams 2

We started our tour with a video and then were shown the ingredients that make up the perfect pint of Adnams. We were allowed to try the malted barley in all its forms including a medium roast that goes into brown beer and a slightly more roasted one that goes into darker porters and stouts. The darker ones had a distinct coffee note. Something I had to tell myself wasn’t beer when drinking my morning espresso the next morning.

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After the ingredients we were shown the whole process of creating beer including how the good people at Adnams experiment with flavour combinations to create new and exciting brews. From the brewery floor we were taken to the best room of the tour… The Tasting Room.

Adnams 4

We were given very generous measures of all the Adnams goodness the tasting room had to offer a couple of my favourites include ‘Fat Sprat’ something I would gladly spend an afternoon supping a definite session brew and ‘White Lies’ IT ACTUALLY TASTES OF MILKY BARS! Honestly some kind of witch craft is going on in Southwold.

Adnams 5

I would highly recommend the tour at Adnams it is genuinely fantastic, buy it for yourself or a favourite beer drinker but make sure you get yourself a ticket to accompany them too! You will not be disappointed!


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