Portly Eats | Eggs Benedict | The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge, UK

Ivy Brunch

Brunch has got to be the best meal to eat out. It is certainly my favourite, and true to form I had my usual brunch fare with added shiny bits on the side because I was dining at The Ivy Brasserie, Cambridge.

This recent addition snuggled up to the fabulous Trinity Restaurant in… you guessed it, Trinity Street, is definitely worth a look, then a phone call to book yourself a table for a brunch that will leave you feeling wholly satisfied and planning your next visit while you smother a croissant with jam… don’t judge me.

The Ivy Brasserie takes after its Art Deco styled big sister in London. The décor and design just adds to the fancy feel of this restaurant.  Wandering in we were shown to our table, offered water and our drinks order taken.  I had a pot of Earl Grey, which is my usual brunch drink of choice.

It came in a lovely and rather massive tea pot plenty of tea for me.  For food I ordered as I have said, my usual eggs benedict but with the added bonus of the breakfast pastries which were a fab sweet addition to a long lazy brunch.

The eggs benedict arrived and hit the spot perfectly as they have done since they were ordered in their original form in the Waldorf NYC way back when.  The eggs were cooked perfectly with lovely running yolks, the muffins toasted and buttered topped with a hollandaise that made for a lovely brunch.

If you are in Cambridge and looking for Brunch make sure you look up The Ivy Brasserie it will not disappoint. The eggs benedict, pastries and tea came to a rather reasonable £17.00.


The Ivy Brasserie is located at 16 Trinity Street, Cambridge

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