Portly Eats | Wildwood Sundae | Wildwood, Peterborough, UK

Sundae Sundae Sundae

There is something stuck in my head about the word Sunday. I think it’s from a commercial I saw once in America. You know, one of the lower budget ones that scream at you through the T.V. screen?  I’m not sure if it was real or not but at the end it said, rather shouted ‘this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!’

In this case however it’s SUNDAE SUNDAE SUNDAE! A couple of weeks ago on a trip with Mum and Dad in tow, I went to Wildwood and enjoyed a rather tasty lunch the highlight of which was the pudding menu and the Wildwood Sundae.

It had been an age since I’d eaten an Ice Cream Sundae. After much discussion, and knowing dad would order a sundae, the three of us ordered the giant glasses of ice cream topped with other fun things to scoff down like kids.

The Wildwood Sundae has in it; Chocolate Brownie, Marshmallows, Raspberry Sauce, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate sauce, Cream and Amaretti biscuits. I mean what is not to like? The Sundae is up there with one of my favourite puddings and Wildwood do a damn good job!


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  1. Matthew Bell-Watson says:

    Love Wildwood! We have one in Brentwood and didn’t know there was more than one at first. Need to try the sundae!

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