Portly Drinks | Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour

Highland Park 12 year Viking

I was given this rather lovely bottle as a gift. What’s not to like free scotch for the win! Turns out that this whiskey is pretty damn good too! Highland Park is among the best when it comes to Single Malt Scotch (IMO) and this is 12 years old!

Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour is slightly peated which is not something I would normally go for but it hits all the right spots. It is not what I would call a quaffing whiskey it is one to be savoured with (for me) a drop of water. As I said it has slightly peaty notes with a hint of sweetness especially with the addition of a couple drops of water and hints of citrus too.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to having a few more from the bottle as time wears on as always though… drink responsibly.


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