Portly Drinks | Crossborder Porter | Cross Borders Brewing Company

Crossborder PorterI love a dark beer, this is a porter from way up in Dalkeith. Crossborders Porter comes in a properly jazzy can, the main reason I wanted to try it actually. It’s got a very tactile can. Crossborders Porter has a deep and dark colour with notes of coffee and dark chocolate.

On the can it says ‘Roasted, Velvet, Braw’ braw it turns out ‘is a Scot’s word for something grand, pleasing, beautiful.’ No complaints this end it, ticks those boxes very well indeed. The porter comes in at a reasonable supping rate of 4.2% so you could if you fancy on a cold evening, see off a few of them.

As a person that likes porter I would recommend that you grab a few cans and enjoy them of a weekend. You can buy them from here…



Obviously, drink responsibly, enjoy!

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