Portly Drinks | Prohibition Brew | Budweiser

Bud Prohibition BrewNon-alcoholic beers seem to be on the rise, I’m always intrigued by these creations. Until now my favourite, has been Bitburger Drive.  Budweiser though have recently brought out their new Prohibition Brew. I’m a sucker for advertising and after seeing an advert for it I went and got myself one.

First off I loved the branding, that whole black and white thing really works and I think it looks quite cool.  The beer itself is really quite nice, it tastes essentially like Budweiser does, who knew?  It’s crispy and refreshing and when straight from the fridge, personally I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Bud with alcohol and Prohibition Brew.

It’s a lovely golden colour when poured and has a slight bread note to the nose. When you drink it, it is slightly sweet something that I rather like. As, if you’re going to have an evening drinking this you don’t want it to taste like dirty dish water.

I think this one has a new place in my heart and if I’m ever in a position to require a no alcohol beer I think I’ll be reaching for the Prohibition Brew. I really liked it, and it won’t give you a sore head in the morning either! I got mine for (at time of writing) 80p a can from Tesco. You can buy it via the links below!



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