Portly Drinks | Gamma Ray American Pale Ale | Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Gamma RayGamma Ray is this week’s addition to Portly Drinks, I had it a few weeks ago in a Vegan Restaurant Stem and Glory in Cambridge. I’m already a fan of Beavertown, being a particularly partial to their ‘Neck Oil’ brew.

Gamma Ray is a wonderful session beer, that as they say at Beavertown ‘You can sit on and drink all day.’ I found that it worked wonderfully well with what I ordered at Stem and Glory. For the record, Kimchi Fritters and a Tempeh Chipotle Burger.

6 hops make up the beers character, most notably for me at least the mosaic. It comes in at a pretty full on 5.4% which is considerably more than those beers we have already covered in this series.  It does however have a tropical note with a slight scent of mango.

Beavertown are based in the big smoke, London Town. Gamma Ray as well as being a lovely little session beer is also both vegetarian and Vegan. As I said I’m a fan of Beavertown and if you get a chance please give Gamma Ray of Neck Oil a try, you won’t be disappointed!


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