Portly Eats | Edmundo Lounge | Bury St Edmunds, UK

Edmundo Lounge fried chicken

A couple of weeks back I went to see the new Star Wars movie (I loved it). Before that though, I was in need of something slightly more interesting than ramming a bucket of popcorn in my face in the dark.

Meeting my friend MJ, we headed to Edmundo Lounge, just off the market square in Bury St Edmunds for some pre-cinema dinner.  Edmundo Lounge is a quirkily furnished bar and eatery offering the usual fare for hungry folk in need of a reasonably priced meal.

We wandered upstairs and found ourselves a table and browsed the menu.  It has your usual pub fare with an extensive menu. I loved the décor inside with its variety chairs and tables, definitely something different.

Eventually I settled on the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and wandered off to the bar to order.  The food arrived and a generous portion of boneless fried chicken, fries and coleslaw appeared in front of me. I particularly liked the fact that the ketchup came in a squeezy tomato! A nice touch I thought.

Anyway, the food was lovely, boneless chicken dunked in some chipotle mayo, proper coleslaw and piping hot crispy fries dipped in the aforementioned ketchup from squeezy tomato. All washed down with a glass of coke which I was told at the bar is their own brand.

If you’re looking for some inexpensive good food in bury and don’t fancy the usual places, do head to Edmundo Lounge. They have a vegan and a gluten free menu too so hopefully you will find something for everyone.


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