Portly Drinks | Rapture Red Hop Ale | Magic Rock Brewery

Rapture Red Hop AleThis week’s drink comes from Magic Rock Brewery up in Huddersfield.  It’s a deeply hoppy red ale which uses a combination of 5 malts and 6 different types of hops to create a flavourful and full bodied ale coming in at a reasonable 4.6%.

Magic Rock was founded by two brothers and their brewer mate, inspired by the rise of the craft beer scene across the pond and wanting to bring top quality beers to their local area. They were named 2nd best Brewery in the world back in 2012. You can even nip up north and take a tour of their brewery every Saturday for a fiver! What’s not to like!?

I enjoyed this little can of ale. It has a slightly orange note as you take your first sip, it’s really light to drink and I’ll be honest I would happily have a couple of pints of this delightfully malty beer.  It’s got some flavours of citrus and has a slightly sweet aroma when you give it a sniff.

I think this beer would suit something slow cooked. Something slightly rich that the citrus notes this beer has can cut through. A bean casserole or similar would be wonderful with it. If you would like to try this little can of loveliness you can buy it from here.

Magic Rock Brewery

Happy Drinking!



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