Portly Eats | Brunch at The Senate | Cambridge, UK

Brunch at The Senate

On a chilly and wet morning we made our way across market square in Cambridge to The Senate. A restaurant I have walked by thousands of times, tucked away next to St Mary’s in the city centre.

The Senate is a small place with warm and welcoming staff that seated us and gave us our menus.  Their breakfast menu is perfect in my opinion. It has 9 items on it with the drinks on the back. I always get worried when you go to places and they hand you something you could, given enough time, make a fort or a rather fetching hat out of.

I went for my usual brunch fare Eggs Benedict. You honestly cannot go wrong, other orders on my table; Poached Eggs and Avocado on Sour Dough Toast (Bleurgh <imo>) and a rather delightful dish of Sautéed New Potatoes and Mushrooms.

Our food and arrived and I was not disappointed.  A generous serving of 6 rashers of crispy pancetta on wonderfully toasted muffins with perfectly poached eggs sitting top them both, smothered in some serious hollandaise. All with the added bonus of some token greenery I actually like, Rocket!

The food and service at The Senate was fantastic. I felt very welcome indeed and the food was wonderful, so much so I really wanted to lick the plate to get all of that fab sauce. I did however restrain myself, being in polite company and in public too.

I’m glad I’ve finally wandered through the doors of The Senate I will definitely be back for more brunch and want to try their dinner menu. If you’re wandering around the city and are feeling peckish do make sure you go try The Senate. Get there early though, as I left there was only a couple of tables left!


The Senate is at – 1 St Mary’s Passage, City Centre, Cambridge

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