Portly Cooks | Slow Food | 22 Hour BBQ Chicken

22 hour bbq chicken

Slow cookers were made for the winter, they save you time, make your house smell amazing and create comfort food better than any hug!  This one took a little bit of time but the end result was so worth it!

This is fairly simple really it just takes a while… Using a pastry brush, brush the chicken skin with oil and then sprinkle over the BBQ spice mix.  Make four little foil balls from the tin foil and place them in the bottom of your slow cooker.

Put the chicken on top of the foil and cook on high overnight. In the morning turn the chicken down to low and leave until the evening.

Once you’re ready to eat the chicken, drain the slow cooker of all of its liquid and put this into a sauce pan. To the pan add the ketchup and brown sauce and reduce to make a thick BBQ sauce.

Brush over the chicken and use the rest for dipping. You can of course shred the chicken and mix it into the sauce to make some pulled chicken that’s great in rolls!


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