Portly Cooks | Blue Cheese and Bacon Trottole Tricolore

Blue Cheese Trottole Tricolore

When I lived in Abruzzo, Italy I cooked this one maybe twice a week. It’s dead easy and perfect for those evenings you really can’t be bothered to do anything fancy. It doesn’t look pretty but its tasty.

  • 75g Trottole Tricolore
  • 50g Blue Cheese
  • 2 Rashers Bacon
  • Rocket and Parmesan to garnish

Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente. While that’s doing its thing thinly slice the bacon and fry in a little oil until crispy. Once the pasta is cooked drain and add to the bacon. Crumble the blue cheese into the pan and give everything a good stir around. Put it all in a bowl and top with some chopped rocket and a good grating of pamesan. Easy no?


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