Portly Eats | Doppelganger Burgers | Co Fifteen, Cambridge, UK

Doppelganger Burger

A vegan burger who would have thunk it? It turns out that they are pretty damn good my mother has been on record on the BBC saying that she is ‘Vegan Curious’ in as much as she is intrigued by the flavour combinations and how it all works, and so it was my turn. 

Doppelganger had a pop up kitchen at Co. in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. Being unable to go the previous one in bought my ticket and along with with lovely Haley and Charlotte we turned up to sample an animal free burger. The girls had been before and advised me as to what I should try. The verdict a classic cheese burger. 

I have to admit I was a little but dubious, I’ve never been a fan of veggie burgers, I find they are lacking in that key ‘Yes this.. is a burger’ vibe, you know? Doppelganger ticked all the right boxes. It looked like a burger, it tasted like a burger, it was a burger. Even down to the texture of the patty. 

All the flavours were right, I have to say even the fake bacon was good. I was of the opinion that nothing tasted like bacon but this did a pretty damn good job! 

I’m not about to stop eating meat, I’m of the belief that animals taste nice, but once in a while I would definitely tuck into a Doppelganger burger! Even the ‘cheese’ was a million times better than those weird cheese singles that you can buy. Although, the last time they were anywhere near cheese is when they drove past a field of cows on the way to the supermarket. 

So if you get the chance go try it and see, get yourself a ticket and eat this witchcraft burger. 

The next Doppelganger Burger event can be found here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/doppleganger-burger-pop-up-cambridge-tickets-39464845415?aff=erelexpmlt make sure that you head down and try it out!



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