Portly Eats | Lunch | All Bar One, Cambridge, UK

Mezze All Bar One

The other week in a bid to get away from lunch ‘al desko’ I was invited by the Lovely Charlotte, (give her a follow she’s top!) for lunch at All-Bar-One in Cambridge. Once seated and having browsed the menu we went for the sharing platter and for myself a ‘side’ of Chicken Quesadilla. 

The mezze board consisted of, Pea, feta & mint falafels, kale pakora with jackfruit chutney, grilled halloumi, smashed avocado, beetroot & apple houmous, classic houmous, warm breads and a quinoa, spiralised carrot & pomegranate salad. 

There was so many good things on this board! The kale pakora with the jack fruit chuntey was amazing and lead to a swift google as to where I can get hold of jackfruit to try and replicate it home. The beetroot and apple houmous was fab too I love beetroot.

Grilled halloumi too! Who doesn’t love grilled squeeky cheese? the houmous went nicely with the breads and anyone who has read my blog before will know my feelings on the mashed green wall paper paste that calls itself avocado… seriously why is everyone obsessed with it? 

That though, was just the mezze board, I had my own grilled chicken quesadilla to tackle too. A chargrilled tortilla with pulled chicken, black beans, peppers, lime and mozzarella. Served with pineapple and habanero ketchup, seriously what is not to like? 

So if you are looking for something different to the normal soggy sandwich from the supermarket, take a trip to All Bar One and have something different for your lunch! Escape the office and enjoy your lunch! 


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