Portly Cooks | Hake and Samphire with Mussels

Hake, Samphire, Mussels

I’ve been told that people don’t cook fish at home because they are worried about ruining it. This one is as simple as it can get.

  • 200g Hake
  • 9 Mussels
  • 75g Samphire
  • Knob of butter

In a heavy bottomed pan heat a little oil and then fry the hake skin side down for about 4 minutes before turning over to finish off the top. In a saucepan while the fish is cooking, steam the mussels open. Just put them in a dry pan and heat, they have enough moisture in the shells to create steam to open them.

Steam or boil the samphire for about two minutes. You want it to still be crunchy. When the fish is done take off the heat and melt the butter in the pan and baste the fish. Plate up with the fish on top of the samphire and the mussels surrounding it.


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