Portly Eats | Smokeworks | Cambridge, UK

Ribs and Wings at Smokeworks

I’ve been to Smokeworks before I love it. It’s one of my don’t look at me restaurants. What this means is it’s one of those places where I can never decide what to have and therefore order most of the menu and devour everything (Don’t look at me…)

 Last week, looking for a change from the regular Sunday lunch and being in town we headed to Smokeworks. Once seated we were handed our menus and the decision over what to have began. I couldn’t decide as usual, thankfully the Ribs and Wings combo helped me answer the never ending question I face everyday of ‘What can I eat today?’

What I really love about Smokeworks is their ordering switch. A little switch that sits on the wall next your table that you turn when you are ready to order. It gives you time to chat and discuss the finer points of what you can fit in your face and lets your servers know when you are ready.

Our food arrived and there was to be honest lots in front of me. Spicy pepper covered wings, fries, pickle, coleslaw, corn and if that wasn’t enough, a healthy slab of BBQ ribs for good measure. It was a complete Sunday feast.

I’m proud to say I finished all of it and it was all fantastic. Once again Smokeworks left me a thoroughly satisfied human. It is one of my favourite places in Cambridge to go and indulge in some good ol’ BBQ.


*Smokeworks is at 2 Free School Lane, Cambridge AND 1-3 Station Road, Cambridge

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