Portly Eats | Alimentum | Cambridge, UK

Last week I went to Alimentum in Cambridge. As we entered, we were greeted, our coats taken and shown to our table. Once seated we were given an canape box to munch through while we chose or food. Alimentum offers a 7 course tasting menu, 2 course or 3 course menu. We ordered, and once we were done with the canapes were brought a selection of bread with some handmade Northern Irish Butter.

 Alimentum Canapes

The bread was fabulously soft and if bread can do such a thing, melted in your mouth. If I could have been given a healthy supply of the bread and butter I would have been a very contented soul. There’s something about warm bread and real butter… it’s just comforting isn’t it.

 As it was though, there was more enticing fare heading our way. After the bread were given an amuse bouche of leek veloute with smoked haddock. I really enjoyed it. I have to give a nod to the service here too, every course was explained and we were told what we had in front of us.

 Alimentum Veloutte

Our glasses were always refilled with very attentive service. I was driving and so had only a small glass of wine with my meal. A fact that was picked up on by our server when refilling our glasses and I refused the top up, a quiet ‘Are you driving sir?’ I nodded ‘No problem.’

Our starters arrived, given we had been eating and drinking since we had arrived they came as a small surprise. A kind of ‘Oh yeah I ordered this.’ My starter was the Turbot, a perfectly cooked fillet of fish sitting proudly in a veronique sauce with spinach and hazelnut. I saved some of my bread and used it to make sure I got all of the perfectly seasoned sauce, possibly bad form to do that but who cares it was lovely!

Alimentum Turbot

Once our starters were cleared we were asked if we were ready for our main course. A question I liked and one you’re not asked often. I had the Venison, it’s not something I cook at home at all. The Venison was cooked to perfection, still pink in the middle and wonderfully seasoned.

 Alimentum Venison

After all of that fabulous food all that remained was to collect our bill and head home, feeling full and very happy indeed. I had an excellent evening at Alimentum. If you’ve not been please make sure you book yourself a table and go and enjoy their excellent food and amazing service.


*Alimentum is located at 152-154 Hills Road, Cambridge.

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