Portly Eats | Novi | Cambridge, UK


Novi has been on my list of places to eat for a good while now, so along with the delightful Haley Bell we went to investigate. Novi is on Regent steet in Cambridge, it has a compact menu on one piece of paper. That for me is a good sign, I hate it when you get handed some giant tome with every option under the sun ready to be zapped to death in an industrial microwave.

Not at Novi, there were a few select dishes and some sharing platters. We decided to each have the Starter Mezze which comprised of, Savoury Potato Churros with Truffle, Parmesan and a lovely Garlic Mayo to dip them into. They were dead light and crispy too!

Next on the board, Lamb Meatballs in Garlic and Tomato Sauce, lovely dense balls of the lamby goodness. Following them, Spicy Prawn Cakes with the BEST Tomato Marmalade I’ve had for a good while! It complimented the prawns wonderfully.

Finally on the board my favourites, the Bourbon BBQ wings, 2 full wings that were sooo sticky and tasty it was hard to not get completely covered in the sauce, I do prefer my wings cut up rather than left whole but thats just me, they were still awesome! Lastly I’m always looking for something new to do with Cauliflower, this final little dish was roasted Cauliflower in Soy, Ginger, Chilli and Corriander. I’m definitely going to have a go at making this one at home at some point.

To drink; Jinzu Sour – Kwei feh lychee liqueur, jinzu gin, lychee syrup, fresh lemon juice, far too easy to drink!Followed by a Kentucky Iced Tea – Buffalo trace bourbon, peche de vigne, bluebird english breakfast tea syrup, peach puree, fresh lemon juice, peach bitters which I had with my food and to finish off a traditional Campari Spritz although it was a bit late for Aperitivo by then.

I had a lovely evening at Novi, the food was fab, do pop in and give it a try! A tip though; order your drinks before your food turns up as its bar service only and you’ll have to leave your food and company while you go grab the drinks.



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  1. Haley Bell says:

    Ohhh you’ve just reminded me about the cauliflower! That’s one I definitely want to try and recreate at home. Will have to organise another visit when they release their winter menu (which I believe is a thing?!)

    1. That sounds like an excellent plan

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