Portly Eats | Food Park Night Market | Cambridge, UK

Food Park

This weekend I went to Food Park’s final Night Market of the year. I’ll be honest I made an unashamed pig of myself and I don’t care I had the best evening!

 Fired Up Pizza

First on the list of food to be devoured was Fired Up Pizza. We made our way throught enticing smells and many lones heading off to the different food trucks. Joining the queue, we got to the front and ordered ourselves a Margherita. It was amazing! Super thin base, with just the right amount of chew. Perfect amount of topping and sauce it was divine, reminding me of the pizzeria I used to live next door to in Abruzzo.

 Buffalo Joes Wings

After a starter of fabulous pizza it was time for a main course. For me it had to be my favourite food truck in Cambridge, Buffalo Joes. Honestly, they do the best wings in town (in my opinion). Crispy deep fried wings smothered in Buffalo Sauce and served with a blue cheese dip. I had to go and find a corner to wolf them down (don’t look at me) they were as always epic.

 Coconut Sorbet Sweet Ally

Pudding! We all need something sweet after some cracking street food no? Sweet Ally Scoops was the next stop and on recommendation ordered Coconut Sorbet with Sea Salted Hot Chocolate Sauce. Sweet Ally’s ice cream is all supplied by Jack’s Gelato already a win. The sorbet with the sauce though… OH MY GOD it was like eating the best, creamiest bar of Bounty ever in the world ever. If you see Sweet Ally Scoops or are in town, head to Jack’s Gelato you’ll not be disappointed.

 good times cheese toastie

Every good meal should end with a cheese course, mine was provided by the lovely people at Good Times Cafe UK I hadn’t had a cheese toastie for years! Reading the menu and seeing a 4 cheese classic and with the ability to add marmite… who doesn’t put marmite in a cheese toastie? I was sold and order one of their fine cheese filled delights. It was the best way to end my evening of eating, the cheese was oozing out of the bread, there was the right amount of marmite to compliment the cheese and not overpower it it was just a delight to eat.

I had the best evening at the Night Market and I’m sad I have to wait until next year, however, you can catch all of these guys and many more purveyors of perfect provisions at Food Park West CB3 0FS (Wednesdays), Food Park Science Park (Thursdays) and at the train station (Fridays). All three are 12pm-2pm.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Haley Bell says:

    Everything looks delicious 😋 I’m so gutted I missed it!

    1. I was SO full by the end! But still contemplating a round 2 at Buffalo Joes

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