Portly Eats | T.G.I Friday’s | The O2, London

TGI Ribs

So the other week my brother and I headed to the O2 in London to watch Micky Flanagan live.  Before the comedy commenced however we were in need of sustenance.  In the car on the way down to London the usual question had been asked ‘What do you fancy for dinner?’ From my brother a simple one word reply…’Ribs’.

There is a multitude of places to eat in the O2 with some all you can eat buffets making a valiant stand to entice us into their foody embrace.  We knew what we wanted though.  Having first tried T.G.I Friday’s stateside when we were kids and in the knowledge they have bottomless sodas we headed straight for it.

Once seated we made our order, Boneless Wings (to share) and full racks of Jack Daniels BBQ glaze ribs. I don’t have ribs very often and I’ll be honest they are a weakness of mine, I love them.

After our starter, which was very nice and buried in fresh chilli slices. The ribs made their appearance. Perfectly cooked fall off the bone ribs smothered in Jack Daniels BBQ glaze, melted in the mouth conjuring memories of being kids in the US on our first holiday across the Atlantic.

I have to admit that I didn’t finish my side of fries, I was too full, I did however love the onion rings which were dead crispy.

We timed our visit perfectly, opting to eat early before the madding crowds turned up eager to fill a hole in their own stomachs.

Now I’m sure you have all had T.G.I’s before but if you need to have some dinner before a show at the O2 I have my own personal soft spot for what they do, the service was fab and for London it was dead affordable.



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