Portly Eats | Beef Short Rib | Arbuckles, Ely

Beef Short Rib Arbuckles

Arbuckles*, I’ve heard much about the legendary portion sizes in their Downham Market location. They now have one in Ely in the newly built cinema complex. So feeling a bit peckish I headed in for lunch.

‘A new favourite thing Frickles’

After being greeted and shown to our table, which was upstairs with a lovely view of the Cathedral, I began to browse the menu. I knew I wanted something substantial but settling on something was tricky.

The menu itself is varied and offers plenty of mouth-watering options. I decided to have the BBQ Beef Short Rib, I was not disappointed! A sizeable beef short rib accompanied by Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce appeared in front of me, beef so tender you barely needed to chew it, heaven!

The sides also were to die for! I have a new favourite thing Frickles. These are deep fried breaded cornichons and are unbelievably tasty, I will be stealing the idea for dinner parties and BBQ’s.

The portion sizes that people tell me about when discussing Arbuckles, live up to their legendary status. Along with the rib and frickles, I got a mountain of perfectly crispy sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

Seriously people if you are even the slightest bit hungry and in Ely head for Arbuckles. The staff are attentive and friendly and the food is fantastic!


*Arbuckles is located at Ely Leisure Village, Downham Road, Ely.

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