Portly Eats | Pistachio Cornetto | Signorelli’s Deli, Cambridge

Cornetto Alla Crema

Some mornings everything just works out right and you get an extra half an hour to yourself. I chose to spend my spare half hour in Signorelli’s. They have excellent coffee and even better Cornetto Alla Crema. My favourite flavour is the Pistachio, you do however, have to get there early to grab these little breakfast pastry delights.

The regular ones are fab too but you when you just have a need for that one flavour and won’t be happy till you get it? Well that’s why I headed in early to sate my craving.

Signorelli’s is on Burliegh Street in Cambridge, they’ll sort you out some fantastic coffee, I had double espresso and something sweet for Breakfast. Happy eating!


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