Portly Eats | Bull & Bass | The Hilton City Centre, Cambridge

Mushroom Wellington
Wild Mushroom Wellington

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Bull & Bass inside the Hilton in Cambridge City Centre. After being greeted and seated, we were given the menu to peruse. I had been looking at it all day via the PDF from the website trying to decide what to have.


Mac n cheese
Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Bull & Bass ‘is built on great British seasonal and sustainable ingredients, with a focus on “surf n’ turf” pairings.’1  They certainly do have a variety of seafood offerings including a Seafood Tagliatelle, an indulgent surf ‘n’ turf (featuing a whole lobster and fillet steak) and some wacking great prawns from the grill.

After much deliberation we decided on some starters to share. A selection of breads, Mac ‘n’ Cheese and the pork belly with tempura prawns. All three were wonderful, the Mac ‘n’ Cheese had corizo and crayfish tails in it which gave it an extra level of lovliness.


Pork Belly Tempura Prawns
Pork Belly with Tempura Prawns

My favourite starter was the pork belly though. It came with a soy vinaigrette which was fab for dipping the prawns and pork in but, even better with the breads once the pork and prawns had been scoffed.

 For my main course I went left field (for me anyway). I had the Wild Mushroom and Goats Cheese Wellington, who doesn’t love a bit of pastry!? I throroughly enjoyed it, the pastry was crispy and buttery, the asparagus was still crunchy which I just loved and the smoked tomato sauce complimented the mushrooms and cheese perfectly.

 I have to mention that our server helped us to pair our main courses to some delightful wines. I had a lovely glass of red which went perfectly with the savoury flavours of the wellington. I can’t hwoever, for the life of me remember what it was called… It was really nice though.

 Elsewhere on our table were the Chicken and Cod Tacos. These came in a build your own style with a selection of sauces and different wraps for the fish and the poultry. Also were the grilled Prawns, stonking great massive prawns. Grilled to perfection and still in their shells. The Prawns come with your choice of a side and sauce. So if you fancy you can have the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with the giant seafood.

 After all that food, we were to stuffed to attempt the pudding menu and ordered some coffee while we continued to watch the chefs cooking other peoples food. The restaurant has an open kitchen which I liked a lot as you can see your food being prepped and the chefs working their craft.


Doppio Espresso

The restaurant itself is light and airy thanks to the giant glass roof in the centre of the hotel. The staff are very friendly with the kind of service I love. Friendly, unobtrusive and right there when you need them. Lovely. The food is cooked perfectly and presented very well and if I’m honest about right on pricing too, with the mains ranging from £15 to £32 (that one is the surf ‘n’ turf though).

 Bull and Bass is located at The Hilton Cambridge City Centre, Downing Street, Cambridge.

 Pop in and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.


1  Bull & Bass http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/hilton-cambridge-city-centre-STNHCHI/dining/index.html

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