Portly Cooks | Mushroom, Red Pepper and Mangetout with Mornay Sauce and Truffle Oil

Mushroom and Mornay Pasta

This one is honestly a clear out the cupboards (and fridge) dish. It’s for those evenings when you can’t really think of what to have but still want something nice. Comforting after a long day at work but also light enough to not be too heavy for a summers evening, it’s vegetarian too!

  • 2x Field Mushrooms
  • 1/2 Red Pepper
  • 60g Mangetout
  • 75g Spirali
  • 100ml Potts Mornay Cheese Sauce
  • Truffle oil to garnish

 First things first, boil the kettle and get your wok on the heat. While that’s happening, peel the mushrooms and then chop into chunks. Dice the red pepper, essentially they’re here to make your food look pretty ;). Thinly slice the mangetout and you’re ready.

 In salted boiling water cook the pasta. While the pasta cooks stir fry the mushrooms in a little oil (I used Coconut as I was given a jar to try), season them well and then just as the pasta is becoming al dente drain and leave for a minute or two.

 Add the mangetout and pepper to pan and give it a good stir around. Finally add the pasta and the sauce, stir well making sure that everything is nicely coated. Transfer it all to your favourite bowl give it a good crack of black pepper and a glug of truffle oil and you’re good to go!


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