Portly Cooks | Marmite Glazed Potatoes

Marmite Potatoes

Maybe I’m late to the game… My dad was headlining this one the other day and I thought why haven’t I ever done this? So I got myself some spuds and had a go.

  • 250g Jersey Royal New Potatoes
  • 1 tbsp Marmite
  • Oil for roasting

It’s pretty simple really, heat the oil in a roasting tray, add the potatoes and cook them until they are nice and crispy. When they’re about ready, in a saucepan (big enough to hold your roasted potatoes) heat the Marmite until it goes even more gooey than it normally is.

Then, chuck the potatoes in, shove a lid on it and shake like mad until they’re nicely coated. That really is it, they make a lovely side dish to any Sunday roast, I did mine with a Beef Skirt steak.


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