Portly Eats | Rack of Lamb | Browns, Cambridge, UK

So then, last week I was very kindly invited to Browns in Cambridge for some fabulous food and cocktails. I’ll be honest I had never been before although had always heard good things. We walked in and were welcomed and invited to sample the offerings from Browns cocktail menu.

Negroni Browns

Recently I’ve been mad for anything with Campari in it… odd I know but hey it’s my drink! I order myself a Negroni, and very nice it was too, I love the bitterness that the Campari gives to the drink. Once we had our cocktails we were shown to our table and given our menus.

Sharing platters to start my favourite being the Fishermans Platter which comes with; Smoked Salmon from Severn and Wye Smokery, Salt & Pepper Squid (It’s my favourite seafood), Mussels and Devon Crab on toast!

 Rack of Lamb Browns

After the sharing platters and being all polite to let everyone try everything, it was time for the main event. I chose the herb crusted rack of lamb from Browns seasonal menu. Oh my god… SO GOOD. Perfectly cooked pink lamb rack that was perfectly seasoned. With that came Potato and Celeriac Dauphnoise, (creamy buttery goodness) and mini onions with a pancetta jus. Paired with a generous glass of red, I couldn’t have asked for a better main course.

Finally finding some space and some dogged determination it was time for pudding. Now if there is a chocolate option I’m always going to order it. I was not disappointed. I had the trio of chocolate. I urge you if you have the room and love chocolate please choose it.

 Trio of Chocolate

The trio of chocolate has as the sum of its parts; chocolate fondant, perfectly cooked and gooey inside. The fonadant has a special place in my heart as the first ‘restaurant’ pudding I ever tried as a naive 16 year old working my first shift in a proper restaurant. With the fondant came a white chocolate pot, chocolate ice cream and hazelnut praline! If you love chocolate you’ll be in heaven!

 Charleston Sour

Finally, maybe not the digestif of choice but I had the Charleston Sour again from the Browns cocktails menu this time from the signiture section. The Charleston Sour contains; Bourbon, Archers, Earl Grey Syrup, Lemon Juice and Peach Bitters. When you go to Browns (not if) make sure you order this as it truly is epic.

Browns is on Trumpington Road in Cambridge opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum. The service was fantastic, all of our servers were attentive and knowledgable about the whole menu. If you get a chance please do go have dinner, you won’t regret it. A Negroni, Charleston Sour, Fishermans Platter, Lamb Rack and Trio of chocolate is £65.90. Treat yourself.


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