Portly Eats | Fish n Chips | Cambridge Brew House, Cambridge

Fish N Chips Brew House

Fish and Chips… It had been on my mind for an age! I finally sated my craving at Cambridge Brew House. Is it bad I didn’t even need to look at the menu to know what I wanted? The Brew House has a fab selection of beer, I had the Brew house IPA, very nice it was too (they make their own don’t you know).

Back to the food, as I said I had the fish and chips. A giant piece of Haddock wrapped in the crunchiest golden beer batter arrived in front of me with skin on fries, tartare sauce and mushy peas.

Heaven on a plate, the fish was perfectly cooked and the batter was epic. I eat kind of weirdly, cutting open the batter eating the fish inside, then seasoning the hell out of the remaining batter shell with salt and vinegar before eating that with the tartare.

I was in need of some decent fish and chips and I definitely got that at the Brew House, head down there for some damn good food and drink. I was a very happy (and full) bunny when I left, chapeau Brew House.

Cambridge Brew House is at 1 King’s Street, Cambridge. My fish and chips was £13.



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