Portly Drinks | Gin and Tonic | Station Tavern, Cambridge

Gin Masterclass

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the opening of a brand new pub in Cambridge, The Station Tavern. Situated next to the train station. It’s the perfect place to grab something to eat and have a quick drink before jumping on your train and heading off on your travels, or a good first stop if you’re heading into Cambridge for a night out.

While we were there we given a Gin and Tonic making masterclass! I love a Gin and Tonic and thought I knew how to make one, gin and tonic in glass… put into face no? Turns out there’s a little more to it. You need to have ice and then pour the gin over the ice about 50ml (let’s be honest you want to taste it). Then, give it a stir and top up with tonic water about 100ml.

Buy me a drink

Once you’ve done that you add the garnishes and flourishes that make a G&T well… a G&T. I went for Lime and bitters in mine, mainly because they were there but it really makes a lovely G&T.

Pop in for a drink or book yourself in for a Sunday Roast, I tried the vegetarian wellington and it’s damn good! Also if you book yourself in you get a free drink!

ST Free Drink

What’s not to like? So if you are heading in or out of Cambridge on the train or just want somewhere different to go and relax, head to The Station Tavern.

The Station Tavern is a 2 Station Square, Cambridge.


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