Portly Eats | PIZZA | Charlie’s Coffee, Cambridge

Charlies Coffee Pizza

You know what’s pretty frickin’ awesome? Good pizza for not a lot of money. Charlie’s Coffee on Burleigh Street in Cambridge has this. I was wandering around looking for some lunch the other day the usual options going though my head, a packet sandwich from Waitrose, a sub from Subway, some kind of noodles… Then I noticed Charlie’s and its Pizza.

There is a choice of pizza, Margherita, Vegetarian, Pepperoni all fabulously tasty and pocket friendly. The best thing is when they’re gone, they’re gone so make sure you get down there fast, they really are super tasty. I had the Margherita and sat in the sunshine and stuffed my face (don’t judge me).

My giant slice of Margherita was £1.50.


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