Portly Eats | Carvery Street Food | Red Cow Carvery, Greenwich Market, London

Red Cow Carvery, Greenwich Market

What better way to spend a Sunday than to wander around a market? Specifically Greenwich Market and most importantly its food section. The market has so many food stalls its really hard to make a decision about what to have for lunch!

Having scouted out the stalls earlier in the day and gone and been all cultural in the Maritime Museum (which is dead good by the way), it was time to eat!

It turned out that most of Greenwich had got the same feeling and had descended on the market to fill their hungry faces. Initially I was going to have a BBQ Pork wrap, the smell had been tantilising my taste buds from a far.

Once I got there though i spotted something even better… a carvery food stand!! It was a Sunday and who doesn’t love a Sunday Roast? Well I most definitely do and leaving my normal street food route of something with noodles or BBQ’y and joined the back of the line for my roast.

Once I got to the front of the line, having realised that everyone else seemed to be buying the sirloin baguette, I placed my order for the roast beef.

I got some fabulously cooked roast beef, fried onions, a yorkshire pudding and 7 crispy roast potatoes all smothered in gravy! Heaven in a box. Also dead good value for money too! the whole thing was only £7 what’s not to like?

Red Cow Carvery is on Greenwich Market; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area stop by and grab some lunch!


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