Portly Drinks | Campari Spritz | Benedetto’s, Cambridge

Campari Benedetto's

Aperitivo a tradition I picked up on when living in Italy. What could be better than to enjoy the slowly setting sun with a glass of something nice.

Since I first tried them in a random bar on the east coast of Italy I’ve been addicted to campari spritz. Benedetto’s on Quayside in Cambridge fueled my addiction.

It really is a vibrant spot, tourists on the water trying to make the punt go the right way and locals enjoying a well deserved drink at the end of a shift.

The staff are friendly and attentive and they really know how to make a good spritz. So if you get a chance, make sure you pop in and grab yourself a drink and something to nibble on.

My Campari Spritz was £6.50 and Benedetto’s is at 4 Quayside, Cambridge.

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